First Time For Everything

Yes, everything. I never took art class prior to this year (excluding one year at a local artist’s watercolor shop back home), and I didn’t have the least idea what an art student does in art school.

So, I walk into class innocent and unsuspecting, when a man walks in the door with a coffee cup, slides onto the center stage, and starts to stretch. I look ’round at my friend and we exchange suspicious expressions. A minute later, after adjusting my drawing board and borrowed a conte stick, I look up…


OH GOD… my virgin eyes!

Yes, ’twas a naked model with his “little friend” pointed directly in our direction. But being strictly professional, we went straight to work studying the path of contour lines on the body, and quick gesture sketches. After a while, it became less awkward and turned out to be a fairly good workshop. Haha, oh man.

Drawing class, I’m surprised to say, has become quite a joy recently. I suppose it’s because I have the chance to develop some skills.

We had two guest teachers this past week teaching us about observational drawing and perspective. I probably wouldn’t make a great artist because I prefer these “drawing with rules” to the “emotional response drawing”.

I still don’t enjoy sculpturing very much. It’s only because I really dislike making crafts.

Extra time to make faces in the webcam = good time management skills!

My current sculpture project is to upscale a small manmade object. I’m doing a large red stapler. The commercial concept behind it is that it’s the entrance way for a Staples (the store). The tiny bottle of paint cost me $12! D=

Anyways, just thought I’d share a little bit of studying tips. This is my textbook for liberal arts. I’m not great at this course (I like abstract writing), and to be honest the texts bore me to death. It takes me five times of re-reading because I zone out multiple times.

I find that highlighting the important parts help. That way, when you skim the text again, you will know what the general idea was. I also underline any sentences that I find particularly intriguing, or something I can respond to. Circle words you don’t know and summarize each paragraph in the margins. These awesome tips were learnt from my amazing high school history teacher! =)



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