A Day In The Life

The perception of what is an ‘art student’ in a real art school is far different than what I thought it was. A normal art student is supposed to be messy, disorganized, a rebel in almost all aspects, and a drinker/smoker to relieve the stress from harsh critiques in the studio and pulling all-nighters from procrastinating.

Luckily I haven’t fallen into that… yet! In fact, this year I’ve strived to be the cleanest, tidiest, most organized person… and so far, it’s working out quite well! It makes university life a lot easier, so I suggest anyone coming into college to follow through with it, no matter how tough it seems.

Make a schedule and FOLLOW IT, but make sure it works for you. I’m a person who only needs four hours of sleep a day, so I’m always up by 5AM, cleaning the bathroom and getting ready before class. I also use my iPhone to send alerts via iCal so I don’t forget anything.

Your homework schedules should obviously be relevant to your workload. I find that half an hour to an hour per class each day is sufficient enough to get all my work done on time or early.

Originally, I thought eating lunch while studying would be a great way to multitask. But it’s not; I can’t enjoy the taste or really focus on reading either. A good hour for enjoying your meals (and maybe some TV) is better. Just make sure you don’t eat too much, otherwise you’ll start to feel sleepy.

I wouldn’t recommend falling into the smoking/drinking trap, even if you’re not an art student. Dying early of lung cancer or a stomach ulcer would bring you even more stress, I’m sure. I definitely have stress too (sometimes class isn’t as wonderful as they claim at university open houses), but comedies work AWESOME-LY! Half an hour of AFV – ah, all is well after that!

Exercise is also a must. I haven’t been exercising recently… so I’m becoming increasingly moodier; partly because of the lack of endorphins, and partly because I’m depressed at my huge, flabby a$$. My university doesn’t have athletic facilities, or any club that involves exercise either… >.>


2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. Hey! i am considering to apply for ocad, and i dont know what to put in my portfolio! S: i took art all 4 years of high school and i threw out most of my artworks from all 4 years! im rly scared i might not get in ocad! any suggestions for my portfolio and how to make it good?! ):

    1. Hi Juliet! I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I never took art even 1 year of my high school life! >.< But I would say… choose works (in a variety of mediums preferably) that you can talk a lot about. The interviewers seemed really interested in why I thought a certain piece was my best, or the concept behind it. Also include a creative process sketchbook that documents your thought processes and ideas (this is actually the most VIP part!) I would strongly recommend you attend one of the portfolio assistance days too; it helps a lot in your preparation! =) What program are you going into?

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