Impressions On Art School

It’s almost university application time! I’ve actually gotten a few emails from old acquaintances asking about OCAD. Yeah… I’ve ripped apart OCAD to pieces (even though as a new and horrible artist I totally do not have the right to do so), but just to clarify, OCADU is a really good art school… but it also depends on if you fit its style, and what you’re looking to get out of going to art school. To sum it up in a sentence, if you’re just searching to gain some technical skills and don’t care too much about the philosophical aspect, then OCAD isn’t for you.

*A few research pages I put together for form and structure class.

Touching on my personal opinion, and in no way is this the is-all-end-all article, I think if you come to OCAD, you need to really be passionate about art – and prepare to work your butt off for it (both educationally and financially). In my case, I don’t think the money is worth it because I was just looking to get a stronger grasp on the foundations of fine arts, not build a career out of speaking my mind with a paintbrush.

But perhaps it also just takes some getting used to because I’ve never taken a single art class all through high school. With each day I’m starting to enjoy it a bit more (although I’ll still say I’m a far stretch away from loving it like some fellow Ocadians claim to). My professors so far are absolutely amazing. They’re smart, talented, and they don’t make classes dry. We have relatively interesting lectures and assignments… but at times they can be a bit overwhelming. I mean really, how much philosophy can you put into a vase? How do you know the artist didn’t just put it there because it looked pretty, or it just happened to be the vase he had on hand at the moment? -.- I find myself BS’ing a lot of my ideas… and people actually buy it.

Even though we only had one class where we basically did nothing, my favorite course is still art history; not only because I like the subject, but because it’s the only class that has about 100 students in an auditorium. I like that atmosphere. It’s not great for studio art, obviously, but excluding that factor, I prefer it.

*The first drawing I EVER did that’s bigger than 8×11. (This is 18×24.) It’s also not copied!! Finally some original creation… but it’s obviously not very awesome compared to everyone else here.

One other really great thing about OCAD are the students (when they are not smoking). So far everyone has been very friendly, and it’s comfortable making friends and talking to people (minus my form and structure class where they are so talented that it’s intimidating and makes me shrink in inferiority).

So, if you’re thinking about applying to this school, make sure you’re passionate enough. In my case, sure, I want to be a top photographer… but in terms of wedding portraits, fashion, or photojournalism – commercialism. I just want a job doing something I like. I’m not interested in changing the views of the world or expressing my deep interpersonal thoughts via camera glass, so this school is a little over-the-top for me.

Yeshhh – whether I end up loving this school or not, I’ve got to stick with it for a year… so might as well do my best and attempt to make ’em proud, right? =D Which leads me to another announcement…

I was hired as a sales associate in the cafe section of the new Loblaws opening at Maple Leaf Gardens! Out of so many people, I wonder how no-experience me was able to be accepted, but I will definitely work my hardest and do my utmost best at this job (and at school) to the prime of my ability. Our first orientation is tomorrow, so like all of you, I’ll keep smiling and がんばって!

Edit: Oh yeah, anyone going to university/college, GET A SMARTPHONE. I personally have an iPhone, and it does everything (except maybe be a phone LOL). It helps me manage my time, money, social networking, serves as my point and shoot camera, has a scanner app that gives you student discounts, maps when getting lost, my alarm clock/timer, weather forcaster, radio, calorie tracker… the list is endless. The only downside is occasionally spam finds you. I once added a friend and her phone sent a spam picture text to me every second for ten minutes… then stopped. No idea what that was… =/


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