Walking With Wylie

Met up with a photography-OCAD buddy today! We went to the moon festival in Chinatown, where I got to try out her awesome little 50mm f/1.8 lens… but I forgot my memory card. But after trudging back home to retrieve it, I tested it out some more at the University of Toronto.

Browsed around the music campus. It was gorgeous! There was little cafe on the second floor that looked like one of those dead poet society meetings areas – that or mafias.

I’ve fallen in love with the 50mm. I’ve never used it, or a 55mm before, but I had planned on getting a 55mm f/1.4. Unless of course I can borrow it from the school. I thought art school would be awesome because of all the equipment we would be allowed to use as students, but from what I see so far, OCAD is pretty stingy… so we’ll have to see.

Didn’t bring my tripod… but here’s where it would come in handy. I placed the camera on the piano and set off the remote trigger.

Yeah, I don’t go to the University of Toronto, but our OCAD logo is really hideous. Irony for what is apparently “Canada’s leading art and design institute”.

This glass does really well with the bokeh. The picture below was taken at maximum aperture of 1.8. Low f-stops allow for really high shutter speeds, which is great for street photography and low lighting situations!

I find there is some halo-ing sometimes, but I’m not sure if that’s because there was no UV filter, or if it’s not that great a glass, or if I just don’t know how to use it properly.

Wylie, being the awesome-tastic photographer that she is, took some snaps at me. XD

Today wasn’t my best day – couldn’t find any interesting subjects or angles at all.

School is definitely going to be a challenge. As you can see, I can never draw anything if it’s off the top of my head. Our first assignment in drawing class is to use “descriptive line”; i.e. showing depth of field using only lines and no shading. Then for form and structure class, I’m going to make my first ever multimedia installation – or any sculpture at all. I’m less worried about the academic classes actually, because even though I may not like studying, I’m good at it.

Visit my Flickr to view more photos.


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