The Pros & Cons of Toronto Life


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Monday will mark my third completed week in Toronto! I have almost survived the one month mark! I’m learning to navigate the city bit by bit, and trying to adjust to the rhythm and pace of art school. It’s different and challenging, but I’m liking it very much! I decided to put together a list of pros and cons based on my personal experience thus far, mainly for anyone who might be considering coming to Toronto/applying for OCAD next year!

*All my photos are still taken with my iPhone. I should take my camera with me from now on…

Active lifestyle: If you’re coming to Toronto, I would highly recommend not getting a car. Walking everywhere is great! Back home in Windsor, I’d have to intently go outside and time myself just to get an hour’s walking exercise; but, in Toronto, time naturally flies by and you’ve walked for four hours. It means you can eat anything you want and not have to worry about gaining weight!

People here are also much more active fashionably. That can be either a great thing, or a stressful thing. If you’re quite superficial, going out in jeans and a tee will not cut it here in Toronto – you’ll be a hobo.

Competition: In terms of both work and school. Specifically to OCAD, I can already see there’s going to be lots of tough competition. I’ve seen other first-year students’ work that already look better than any museum gallery! But luckily the community also seems friendly, and that means you can juggle ideas and learn off each other.

Loblaws by the lakeside.

Community: I noticed that everyone in Toronto is either extremely friendly or just a bitch. There are no in-betweens so far. The majority are very polite and cheery, so it makes for a comfortable environment to live in. Going out in a crowd actually feels safe.

Ginormous spinach pie with rice, potaties, and eggplant salad.

Smoke: I’m going to get cancer by the time I graduate. Honest to God, people smoke insanely much here. As if there are not already enough people blowing smoke in your face, like I mentioned in my previous post, OCAD students are even more prone to smoking.

Rice pudding that I took out to eat on the beach.

Artist: Rebel? So, they say you’re free to be yourself when you’re an artist. I’m finding it ironic at the moment. It’s become so trendy to be “the rebellious artist”, that it’s like the norm to have a tattoo and large hipster glasses. Wanna be normal? No. Normal is weird.

Psycology: Though it may be mean to say so, I’m not fond of the amount of mental people wandering the streets. I know that they should receive support as much as we can provide, but people talking to themselves or randomly shouting at an empty chair make me feel unsafe.

I think Toronto is a great place for someone who’s just taking the steps into adulthood and becoming an active member in the community. You’ve got to be able to balance your life and deal with all different kinds of people. It may be a bit overwhelming for preteens, and I think if I ever have kids, I definitely wouldn’t want them to grow up here (or any big city really) because of the bad air.

Anyways, I stopped by Sugar Beach (white sand!) to eat a rice pudding this evening. Notice my major tan lines on my feet!

Changed my locker. At first I thought I could live with the dent on the bottom of my old locker, but things were toppling over and I was getting pretty angry. Now I’ve got a nice one on the top floor and a built-in shelf! It doesn’t matter that there’s writing on the inside, because since it’s OCAD the locker graffiti actually looks good.

This would be drawing class. I forgot to take a picture of our subjects and finished pieces. I’ve already got a few assignments lined up for the next two weeks. I’m planning on making something for sculpture class that incorporates media, drawing, music, and 3D form all at once. I’ve got the idea in my head… but I hope I can carry it out! >.<






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