AGO And Orientation

Went to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) today. An awesome bonus as an OCAD student: free access! I didn’t bring my camera, but I was pretty satisfied with some of the pictures that came out of my iPhone.

One of my friends marvels at the display of oil paintings on the wall. I only wish I could paint like that – even if there was the skill in me, I definitely don’t have the patience.

Design student has homework already! Only two days into class…

This was a most awesome staircase that made climbing fun. It also seemed the higher level you went, the more interesting the galleries became.

Anyways, I’ve had class for the past two days. The first class I had was drawing where I didn’t get to take any photos. I really dislike drawing… it’s expensive and honestly, I don’t feel like I’ll really get anything out of the course… except to confirm that I dislike drawing. But the professor seems to be a really good one who knows what she’s talking about, so it’ll be interesting, I suppose.

Second class was liberal arts: rhetoric. There were lots of discussions – I’m the same as always: no opinion/answers. I actually didn’t even understand the reading. -.-

Tomorrow is Form and Structure…

Going back in time a bit, went to dinner with one of my roommates at a dim sum place in Chinatown a few days ago. I thought it was really good (compared to the ones in Windsor), but my roommate, who is a dim sum expert, didn’t quite enjoy the taste. Nevertheless, the restaurant was completely crowded.

Went grocery shopping in Chinatown afterwards. This is what you find in a typical Chinese store.

Took some short strolls around the neighborhood for exercise. It suddenly became winter during the past two days. No transition phase – just directing from extremely hot to extremely cold.

Took a skywalk and saw the Canada Rail train pass by.

Found a couple other (expensive) grocery markets by the lakeshore.

A Chapters just five minutes away from my place. It’s three floors high with a Starbucks in a nice, cozy atmosphere on the second floor. I’d prefer to come do my artwork or essays/readings here as opposed to the school or the Grange (the little eatery across the street from OCAD).

I’m assuming these little cars gave people free (environmentally friendly, man-powdered) bike rides.

Checked out the Forever 21, tried a few things on, but didn’t buy anything obviously.

One thing worth mentioning for anybody coming to Toronto though, if you’re thinking about looking around to “shop for the best price”, you can forget about it. People here are willing to spend money on clothes, and sizes run out FAST. When I picked up the blazer from the rack, there were still five other size smalls there, but when I was finished, they were all gone and only three XL’s were left.

And lastly some pictures from orientation week (that I stole off facebook).

Can you guess which one is me?

So yesh, there we have another post without substance!

Toronto life is pretty good so far. One thing that bothers me a little is how much everyone smokes. Especially at OCAD. I don’t know if it’s because it’s “trendy” to be a rebellious artist or what-not, but everyone’s blowing smoke in my face as soon as I step outside. I’m going to get pulmonary emphysema by the time I graduate.


One thought on “AGO And Orientation

  1. Ah the smoking. Same was on my college campus too triple times near the fine arts buildings. I think it’s just a stress phase. Most all my friends have quite by now~

    So many snaps, I feel like I’ve visited! :Dv

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