Orientation Week

‘Twas Orientation Week at OCADU… and a wee bit of a disturbing one at that. Yeah… creative is good… but perhaps not this creative.

It wasn’t as big as an event as I initially thought it would be. But we did get some random free things (mostly junk) and got to meet a lot of very interesting people! Checked out the student gallery and purchased my locker (which has a messed up lock and a dent; why do I always get the horrible lockers?)

Hmm… I’m not so sure about art school. I’m starting to think it’s not practical enough. I came initially to get a good education in photography, and it’s good to have a strong foundation in fine arts as well. I also used to think people who didn’t pursue their passions were just weak and cowardly, but now I’m also starting to think they’re probably the smart ones – because responsibility comes first. Probably should’ve thought of that before. But let’s give a few months and see how it goes.

We then headed off campus for other adventures. There were other activities at school, but I didn’t take any pictures. Hopefully they’ll be uploaded to the university website soon though, and I can share them. XD

The past few days have also consisted of a little bit of job-hunting and exploring with awesome OCAD buddies. These bunny iPhone 4 cases were among one of the adventures’ finds.

Waltzed around Chinatown. Note the dollar store was more of a multi-dollar(s) store. I went to look around today again and found some nice bakeries.

Also discovered a pet shop in the basement of Dragon City Mall. They sold Peking Puppies, mini turtles, lizards, fish, etc. I had never seen an actual Peking Dog before – they really do look Chinese, hahahaha!

Went to Jack Astro’s Bar & Grill (the last time I’m eating out). $10 bought an enormous soup, garlic breads, and salads – so it’s definitely pay-for-what-you-get. There were only two soup options: Beer and Cheddar or Chicken and Tequila. I had never heard of alcohol soup before.

We sat outside on the balcony which made it a nice experience.

I went to a little historic house/gallery myself on the way of going home. I really like cold colors contrasting with warm colors (i.e. orangey-red sunset with a blue telephone pole). There’s something about it that gives me this unexplainable feeling… like a dream or something long forgotten.

Went to Eaton Center with friends today, but retired early because my shoes were bad. -.- I tried on a dress and didn’t buy anything. I still had my two tank tops and shorts underneath LOL.



2 thoughts on “Orientation Week

  1. Love your blog :p Found it through your portfolio post. I just had my portfolio assessment at OCAD today. I think between now and the end of March is going to be a long and painful wait….

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