BuskerFest… And School

Caught the last day of the ScotiaBank’s annual BuskerFest on Sunday. I was lucky to have heard about it because not only is the BuskerFest one of the largest street performance festivals in North America, it was also the last major Toronto festival of the summer holiday entertainment activities!

*This post contains lots of snaps of myself so it may not be the most interesting post.

The BuskerFest is a signature event for the St. Lawrence Market; an old historic center at Front St. East and Jarvis. It was definitely exciting and colorful; filled with acrobats, magicians, clowns, and yes… even aliens! If only cameras could capture the smells as well!

30-foot aliens “nipped” people as they went along. One of them actually got me while I was taking this snapshot!! =O

Many performers and food stalls also came from other countries including Australia, England, Spain, Mexico, and Japan!

BuskerFest is also a charitable event supporting Epilepsy Toronto.

A fine display of chalk art on the sidewalk.

An Australian contortionist pulls an audience member to help her perform a stunt.

It was definitely a lot of fun – perhaps better had I someone to go with! Hopefully I can check out all three days at the next one!

Next day parents came over to drop off some cleaning supplies, etc. We picked up plastic slippers and a few documents, and I got to find all of my classrooms in advance!

The campus is fairly small.

A couple of my classrooms; the liberal arts rooms look basically what they’re supposed to look like. Nothing fancy; no classic wood or cathedral ceilings, no glass walls or high tech equipment. Just simple, high school-like studios and lecture halls.

Me in front of one of my future classrooms!

Butterfield Park; a small little concrete rest area beside the school.

AboveGround Art Supplies, the store packed with brushes, paints, pencils, and canvases take advantage of street as as free advertising.

Across the street where there are a few small food places is also where the school library and other various classrooms, and the learning center are located.

Next door is the Art Gallery of Ontario, of course. We have free access as OCAD students with a valid student ID. I picked up mine this morning; my picture turned out terrible!! They took two pictures; one where I was half-blinking, and the other was good. But they used the half-blinking one. -.-

Went on to look around town.

At the harbor near where I live, and outside my apartment.

Ended the day at T&T with sushi, as always.

A poutine from lunch.

It’s almost the Moon Festival. I’m sure Toronto will be holding some sort of Asian celebration in honor of it. These mooncakes were hella expensive! Up to $16 per one cake!

There are always interesting finds in Chinatown, including this communist messenger bag. Hahaha!

A couple days ago also met up with a few OCAD students. We sort of moped around a few streets and crowded around a mini table at Starbucks. Afterwards, a couple of the girls went to Cafe Crepe. I had a Spinach Feta Cheese Crepe; $10. It was good, but waaayyy to salty for my taste… and expensive.

Well, my orientation week officially starts tomorrow! I’m not sure if I should bring my DSLR, or if it would just be a heavy inconvenience.



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