An Evening At Harbor Front

Went back to the harbor front this afternoon and stayed until late evening to explore and listen to some concerts at the festival. It was breathtaking and completely packed with people.

Came across this dude from England who looked a lot like Daniel Craig performing some acrobatic stunts.

He at one point kissed one of the audience members who volunteered to participate in the stunts.

The harbor is lovely, but it’s definitely a far cry from a nature trail like the ones we had back home. This one is… like those harbors you see on television with the rich snobby people’s sail boats, cruise boats, restaurants on the sea, and of course the hundreds of wealthy people draining alcohol at the lakeside restaurants while their teens play volleyball on the sand. It’s hard to believe that this is ‘home’ for the next four years…

The cruise boats were parked so close to the docks that I could see inside the windows. It looks all too much like the inside of Titanic. I hate boats. I never want to go on one… but I contradict myself because my school’s taking a trip to the Toronto Islands this week… via ferry. Noooo!

There’s another beach (an actual sand beach) called Cherry Beach nearby. I couldn’t find it on the map though, so I haven’t had a chance to visit it just yet.

A little closed off water area where people could kayak without having to worry about being swept away by waves.

Oh, the concert. I’m sorry but… this has got to be the worst thing I’ve ever heard! Oh, my poor ears… can anyone have been more off tune??? The expressions on the faces of local passer-by’s said it all.

The uninterested spectators.

Waited for it to get dark; played around with my Camera+ settings on my phone in a random little area beside the garbage bins.

When dusk finally fell, there were some traditional instrument performances. It was fairly unorganized, though, and the project coordinator was found swearing his head off at how performers didn’t know where they were going, and how the microphone kept making sharp hissing sounds.

The kids had the best performance.

And that concludes the night! I’ve got a full schedule tomorrow, including a job hunting walk during which I will walk around town with a handful of my resumes, and hand them into whichever suitable position is open. Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “An Evening At Harbor Front

  1. Very scenic location to hold the festival! I’m sure that’s why snobby-snobs have taken over haha. Too bad that one group wasn’t sounding so great. That’s sorta embarrassing to hear haha.

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