Torontarian Accomplishment

Woohoo! Accomplishment numbero uno: just navigated across and around town without once having to glance at my GPS! Went over to Chinatown and picked up some Mexican Bread. 3/$1.00; I presumed there was a filling inside, but it was just an empty sweet white bread.

*All snapshots were taken on the iPhone 4 and edited in Camera+ app.

Accomplishment number two: took the TTC today!! Another new-found OCAD buddy (who is from Taiwan) showed me how! It’s really expensive though; $5/round trip.

I’m assuming that the busses and subways run in a similar manner, but they announce the next stops, and you just pull the string when you want to get off. You can also board/exit on rear doors. It’s very much like the Taiwanese bus systems. During mornings and nights, though, you can hardly get a spot to squeeze on.

My friend showed my a place called Distillery Gallery. It used to be a place where they manufactured wine (and I think cheese?) but now contains a small collection of artists’ galleries and small shops.

It was absolutely gorgeous! The walls and roads were made with red brick and complimented with dark olive green doors and windows. The entire aura was very European.

I wish I had taken my DSLR with me! I’m always a bit iffy about taking my camera out on trips with friends because being the shutterbug that I am, I’ll probably be more interested in getting a photograph than hanging out. Hahaha…

I am very fond of brick roads.

This place served sake ice cream. I’m not all that interested in trying it, but it sounds intriguing!

This was one of the paintings in one of the galleries. It went for literally thousands of dollars. A lot of really tiny paintings even went for up to $33,000!! I would personally not buy them even if money my sky’s limit.

This particular store created art with rubix cubes! Basically pop art mosaics.

There was a small vintage shop that sold some interior decoration items and soaps.

There was even a bit of a semi-gothic feel to the decor.

There was a chocolate shop (smelled sooo aromatic!) that sold gelato and sorbet. My friend recommended the dark chocolate, so we shared a small one. =) At $4.55, it really is an expensive ice cream!

They had glass rooms displaying how they make chocolate. I saw raw chocolate beans for the very first time!

Also heard that the best French bread can be found at the bakeries here. They were really expensive, so I didn’t buy any to try.

Love the old items they had all around the shops.

We then headed over to a different series of galleries called 401. The outside was much less appealing; sort of like one of those buildings in downtown Detroit, but the inside was quite artistic.

There was a music store that sold probably every single traditional instrument from every single culture.

Finally we ended the day by having a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant at Spadina. Probably should’ve taken down the name… I ordered a small beef noodle soup at $5.50, but it was sooooo big that it can be saved for three meals! In terms of taste, the broth I thought was a bit too salty, but everything else was great! The meat was tender and the entree was stuffed with veggies, cow stomach lining (sounds gross but is good!), tendons, and bean sprouts. The only thing I had to complain about was the smell of feet in the restaurant itself, hahaha!

Had originally planned to go out for dinner tomorrow night, and heard of a very interesting Taiwanese cultural festival by the harbor on Saturday! But I got a really bad blister on the bottom of my foot, so I’ll have to wait it out and see how it feels. Teaches me about “saving a penny and losing a dollar”…. )=

Anyways, life in Toronto has been relatively kind so far! The people are generally very polite, minus one server at a Subway that rudely said “I don’t have a fork, I’m busy.” when a friend asked if she could get a plastic fork. LOL.


2 thoughts on “Torontarian Accomplishment

    1. Thank you! So far they’re all snapshots taken off my iPhone hahaha, but hopefully I can get some real photography going on soon! XD

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