City Tower

It sprinkled lightly this morning, but I headed over to the CN Tower (about a five-minute walk away) for the first time in my life!

It actually seemed a lot less tall up close.

*All images are snapshots taken with the iPhone and edited on Camera+ app.

Despite the weather, there were still hundreds of tourists crowding the area. Professional photographers were many among them; makes me wonder how I’ll break into the industry!

Notice the little squirrel on the bench eating carelessly away beside him!

Afterwards, my new-found OCAD friend and I took a stroll around the nearby areas. She showed me a little vintage shop that sold just about anything at a fairly affordable price.

I also saw the Eaton Center for the first time! It was enormous and completely crowded. I can’t imagine what it’d be like on Boxing Day.

We left Eaton Center through the other side and came across some kind of a street fair that was going on.

After she left for work, I went inside the City Hall to check out the library. It was pretty small, but you can pick up holds from other branches here. I didn’t bring any student ID with me, so unfortunately I couldn’t sign up for a library card.

So, that’s another post without substance. I think I’ll take my DSLR to get some actual photos going on soon.


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