Lost In Translation

Door locked? Keys brought? Cash on-hand? These aren’t the only things to think about before heading out to explore a big new city. Learning how to properly use the GPS and compass on your handy dandy iPhone is probably just as important as remembering to turn off the stove before heading out the door.

A ten-minute stroll to Chinatown to buy bathroom slippers turned into a two-hour loop around town because I didn’t know which way the GPS was telling me to go. Then I noticed the “Start Path” button at the top of my phone, where I was led step-by-step to where I needed to go. -.-

*All images were taken on iPhone and edited with Camera+ app; haven’t had the chance to actually go photo-exploring just yet.

I was a lot less homesick that I thought I really would be. Of course I’m missing my friends, but for it being only a day, I’m adapting to city life quite comfortably. But my room is dustier than Mr. Dusty’s dusty house party. It’s also extremely cold both inside and out. One thing I do like is that the entire apartment is dry (probably due to excessive air conditioning though) and my sweaty palms are no more.

Woke up to see this guy hanging off the side of the building cleaning windows.

Spent the majority of the morning organizing my room, and of course getting lost coming back from shopping. Toronto is crazy expensive… but I did manage to find bananas on special at $0.38/lb!

Getting lost at least allowed me to explore the city a bit. It can be quite overwhelming. I felt like an unfashionable little hobo in the midst of overcasting skyscrapers and busy Torontorians busily making deals on their cellphones and rushing towards the TTC gates.

Managed to find two Chinese grocery markets and a household appliances shop. I noticed a huge cultural leap in between this street and the one literally 2 minutes away. Canada really is a multicultural mosaic!! It’s like upscale New York on one side of a thin line, and Beijing on the other.

Rewinding a bit, before Mom and Dad left yesterday, we went over to the Loblaws near the lakeshore. It was enormous!

It was very tastefully decorated; unlike the Superstores we had back in Windsor. I think the prices were relatively more expensive though.

We also explored a few underground shops near the apartment complex. There were lots of food vendors and a few (expensive) clothing shops.

Everything ended with a dinner at a Chinese grocer by the lake. Has anyone noticed that a few pieces of sushi is equivalent to two bowls of rice??

Anyways, that’s the boring post for today. Lack of anything with some substance because I’m still getting the hang of things. Hopefully I’ll be able to go on a photo-walk sometime before school starts! (=O School…!)

*Side note: There was an earthquake… I didn’t know there even were earthquakes in Toronto.


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